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Russian-Ukrainian war impact on European youth

The Youth and how the Russian Ukrainian war affected them, Wars are disasters upon those who join them, and in most cases upon the surroundings as well!


The Youth and how the Russian Ukrainian war affected them

Wars are disasters upon those who join them, and in most cases upon the surroundings as well!

Other than the direct effect of war from deaths and destruction, modern-day wars like the one we’re discussing have a huge collateral damage

In a such internationalized and co-dependent world

Small rubble affects hundreds of millions of people everywhere

We see reports from various places, and we see crisis ourselves like in our own country, but some aspects aren’t known to us, we thought about those aspects and one intrigued us

How were youth affected, but not any youth, the youth so close to the battles, in Europe?

We’re a generation that’s just coming out of age, It’s our time to seek an independent and responsible lifestyle

Whether by living on our own and handling our life to considering starting families!

While trying to find their way in life, European youth found themselves too close to a raging war for example this is a research from the Netherlands

62% of the younger generation are worried for their safety, and 91% are worried about the security of Europe. 65% fear the use of nuclear weapons by Russia.

Aside from the mental worries expressed there’s also the horrific economic impact of the war and one of the most affected is the younger generation

  • the European Council agreed on a ban on almost 90% of all Russian oil imports
  • EU countries adopted an emergency regulation to address high energy prices
  • Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine is having a direct impact on global food security and affordability

These problems created several crisis

The gas and energy crisis hit all of Europe so hard that people found themselves in a very hard economic position and life went harder than they used to, they could not use the electricity for warmers in winter or buy food as before and everything is getting expensive and unavailable

So the suffering really hit everywhere even in Europe, not just in Egypt!

And according to the UNICEF, The poorer an individual is, the greater the proportion of their income that is committed to necessities such as food and fuel. When the costs of basic goods soar, the money available to meet other needs such as health care and education falls.

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