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We’re talking today about Speed-ball it’s an Underappreciated and unpopular sport in Egypt


We’re talking today about Speed-ball it’s an Underappreciated and unpopular sport in Egypt! 

This sport is particularly interesting because it was actually created by an Egyptian man called Mohamed Lotfy

The intriguing incident that led to the creation of Speedball was specifically in 1960 when a 10-year-old boy named Hussein Mohammed Lotfy, was a junior tennis player being taught by his father Mr. Mohammed Lotfy. The father got the idea that if he tied the tennis ball by a thread and allowed this thread to loop around a metal pole, his son could practice hitting the ball with the tennis racket without having to use tennis balls that had been damaged or having to retrieve them.

And shortly after this the idea of a new ball and racket sport flashed in the mind of Mr.Lotfy who started to play against his son and then playing two teams each consisting of two players, he tried these types of play with the members of his family

And from then and after so many developments put the sport by Mr. Lotfy it reached the final form of what it is today a worldwide known sport being played by a lot of countries!

You may notice people playing it at your club while walking by, but what you don’t know is that there’s a huge chance that those people are world champions!

Because Egypt is absolutely dominating this sport internationally and always has the best players in both men’s and women’s teams

So this was another sport that we should appreciate and support way more because the sport and its players are putting so much brilliant effort into it to achieve greatness!

If you want to know more about this game you should try this new card game named Speedball GO

and here is its tutorial


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